What am I reading? Adulthood Is a Myth by Sarah Andersen

By now you’ve likely realized that I’m not a fan of adulting. I do adult things out of necessity, but I’d rather be coloring, or reading, or playing with cute animals.

It’s because of this lack of desire to adult that the title of this book appealed to me.

Sarah Andersen is an artist. She makes cute cartoons about her life. This whole book is comprised of those cartoons, and I can relate to a lot of them. She tackles topics like friendships, depression and anxiety, relationships, chores, basically everything you need to do as an adult. She’s an introvert, kind of a nerd, kind of a mess and I love her. She is me.

It’s a quick read because, you know, cartoons, but it was an enjoyable read. This is part of a series and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of her books. She also does daily cartoons and you can find them on GoComics.


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