Tiny life update at 1 am

It is 12:42 am EST, and I’m still sitting at my computer.

A lot has gone down in the past week at my job and there are some major changes coming, so I’ve been trying to devote as much of my time and energy to that as possible.

In addition, I’m still trying to move. Monday this week I worked a very long, very stressful day and then hopped in my car with a bunch of random crap (mostly clothes and makeup; I know I’m not fooling anyone) and drove the four hours to my new home. I rolled in around 11:30 pm and thought I was going to pass out from exhaustion before I even made it up the front stairs.

The night before I’d barely slept because insomnia is wonderful and always shows up at the most opportune times (/sarcasm).

I hate moving. It stresses me out like whoa because I never know where stuff ends up, and right now my anxiety is at a 12. I’ve been a raggedy bitch to basically everyone, and if Dan wasn’t the most lovely and patient dude who ever walked the Earth I’m fairly confident that we’d have had some kind of blowout by now.

Tomorrow we go back to Rochester to spend the weekend packing up more of our junk. With any luck, and maybe some help from our family/friends, we’ll have the bulk of our shit either packed or donated by the time we need to come back on Sunday. Then next week, the real official move. It’ll be weird to have furniture in this place, but I’m looking forward to it.

Wish me luck and send me some positive vibes friends. I think I’ll need it all.

12 thoughts on “Tiny life update at 1 am

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  1. Best of luck to you hun! Rochester is such a cool place…and remember to take care of yourself during this stressful time so that you don’t feel sick. Hydrate, rest, and just take on the challenges as they come, one step at a time <33

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      1. Omg. No.

        I just spent 2 hours on The Purge: Cosmetics edition. The only upside is that my boyfriend weighed in on the lipsticks I should keep while I was swatching 😂

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      2. Ugh that sucks. How do we accumulate this much stuff? I haven’t really tackled my clothes yet but I has occured to me that I have 2 large closets full of stuff and I only wear like 4 outfits.


      3. I have no idea! Neither of us even really likes shopping. I’ve already set Google calendar reminders for spring cleaning now that we’re not renting and won’t move as much. It was an unreal amount of stuff.

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