Weekend in Boston!

As the title says, I’m in Boston! I’ve been here for the past several days, and I had planned to schedule a bunch of posts while I was on the train on my way out here, but thanks to some loony old woman and slightly spotty wifi service that didn’t work out. I also haven’t been able to post while I’ve been here because there are friends to catch up with, kids to play with and fun to be had.

It’s been a good visit; many beers were consumed, there was a bbq and I visited my first Lush store (haul and photos to come when I get home and have more space). I’ve also had a chance to interact more with my friends’ kids. I’ve met the kiddos before but they’re both so young that they’ve been nervous around new people and don’t typically remember me from one visit to another. It’s hard to be an auntie to kids who don’t remember who I am, but I think we’re getting there. I just need to see them more than once a year.

So, I guess it’s time for a life update: my “real” job has been keeping me extremely busy and has basically taken over my free time this month. The month or so leading up to Valentine’s Day is always our busy season, and we’ve made some pretty major changes to the site recently that have resulted in a drastic increase in the amount of email we get. Those things combined mean that we’re all drowning. Yay job security, I guess.

The only other big thing happening at the moment actually involves Dan. He accepted a job in northern Michigan with a cargo airline, and he starts work two weeks from Monday. Tragically I’m not able to go with him because my company can’t have employees in Michigan because of taxes (or something), so I need to keep my NY residence. It’s not an ideal situation and I’m going to miss him, but I have enough flexibility that I’ll be able to visit often. I’m planning to kind of split my time between NY and MI, but we’ll see how it goes. It’s a long drive so in the spring and summer I may just decide to spend the bulk of my time out there. It helps that he was able to rent a cozy little house near the beach; why would I stay in my sweltering condo when I can go enjoy cool lake breezes in beautiful Michigan?

The good thing about Dan accepting this job (other than more money and great career experience for him) is that I’ll have more time home alone to focus on blogging! Also maybe vlogging/making videos. I’ve started filming some stuff in my day to day life just to test it out and see if it’s something I enjoy, or if I have enough to say or show. To be honest I’m boring in my everyday life; I like being home in my pajamas not talking to other humans. Sometimes I go on weird adventures with my friends or try new things, but I don’t think it’s often enough to have a regular vlog.

So how has your weekend been? Are you lucky enough to have a Lush store near you? Do you like watching vlogs, and if so what are some things you enjoy seeing?

REMINDER: the giveaway closes at midnight on Monday, so if you haven’t entered yet, DOOOOO ITTTTTT!! I want to give you guys my stuff!

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